You won´t wait for your primers every day?

You have top secret developements?

You want to start the custom primers business?

You need a complete laboratory for making oligonucleotides?



The throughput from 10 up to 5000 primers per day


We offer complete laboratories for oligonucleotide (primer) synthesis,

RNA, LNA etc.  based on our more than 15 years experience and know how

of oligo production in our own company with throughput of nearly 20.000 primer per month.


1. Customer order entry.


2. Input of sequence, preparing of datasheets, labeling and shipping

    documents  by label printers in supported by our own software.


3. Synthesis of primers/oligos and RNA with our high quality and low cost

     procedure high speed synthsizers.


4. Cleavage of oligos with our own designed cleavage oven for

     96 microtiter plates or single vials.


5. Purifying, desalting of oligos with our special developed purifer systems:

     8 columns single vials or 96 microtiterplates.

     High cost HPLC equipment not necessary!


6. OD quality and quantity measurement with UV/VIS spectrometer.


7. Pipetting robots fluid handling.


8. Vacuum zentrifuge for drying of finished products.


9. All standard equipment for laboratory running: furniture, online

    Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) , ultra pure water purification

    systems, pipettes …..


10. Training and exercise of the complete production procedures,

       support in all impacts.


2 ea P-96 Purifiers in front of the laboratory
2 ea P-96 Purifiers in front of the laboratory