DNA/RNA Synthesizer  H-8 SE




H-8 SE; 20 amidite positions
H-8 SE; 20 amidite positions

H-8 SE


DNA/RNA/LNA Synthesizer


8 columns

up to 20 amidite positions

up to 10 reagent positions


Universal or standard CPG


Variable synthesis scale up to 10 µmol


Online trityl monitor for all columns (all trityl collected)


Free programmable synthesis control


New synthesis start on every position while synthesis running


Wobbles (mixedes bas capability)


Automated antisense oligo synthesis (also internal)


Cycle time 3 - 3,5  min for 8 column synthesis


Low reagent consumption


Design especially for long, highest purity oligos


Very compact design


Dimensions (WxHxD) cm:   35  x  60  x  40

  • 8-columns, DNA/RNA synthesizer
  • 20 amidite positions, different sizes possible

              here 10 bottles for 1 or 2 gramm amidites

              and  10 bottles  for 4 ml bottles for small value or

              very expensive amidites *


     *  markers in the sequence stop automatically when the

        special amidite is reached: scientist can put the expensive

        amidite on the instrument, continue the coupling process and

        the instruments stops after reaction and the scientist can remove the 

        expensive amidite back to refrigerator.

        Because of very compact design nearly no death volume of special 

        amidite positions.





H-8 SE in operation
H-8 SE in operation
  • H-8 SE   special edition
  • here: 24 amidite positions for 1 or 2 gramm bottles
  • here: 10 reagents positions for different bottles*

     * all reagents bottle caps of all instruments by customers wishes!

H-8 SE synthesizer in production for endtest
H-8 SE synthesizer in production for endtest