Our advantages to other synthesizers



-         closed system, like former ABI instruments, oligonucleotides of very high quality and lenght, for example RNA or DNA over 200 mer


-         flexible number of amidite positions (from 8 to 24), all kinds of connections and bottle sizes


-         online trityl monitoring  with direct and concrete informations;

      not just verifying with simple detectors like other synthesizers


-         low consumption of chemicals and short cycle times because of very compact design of main valve board


-         low Argon or Nitrogen consumption


-         compact design, no exhausting cabinet necessary,


-         low maintenance and repair procedures and cost, because of

      modular construction


-         very flexible software, perfect for scientists and development of dedicated applications


-         start of new synthesis on every position while running


-         automated antisense oligo synthesis


-         modification application and wobbles mix base capabilities without amidite premix



-         no special columns or chemistry necessary, standard columns and chemistry is applicable


-         universal or standard CPG


-         no maintenance or problems because of mechanicaly moving

      parts or pumps


-         customized synthesizers (column heating, custom software and

connection to your house software, etc.) and laboratory equipment offered


-         service and spare part kit for 2 years


-         support for at least 10 years


-         over 20 years experience in our own company of complete

        oligo production


-     24 hours service connection, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!